As the Victorian elections heat up!


Picture:  Ricky Muir wants to see more access for SxS recreation.

Ricky Muir SFFP Candidate for Morwell, has a bit to add on facebook yesterday…

“On Monday I met with the Australasian Off Road Vehicle Association to discuss recreational registration of side by side vehicles.

I am a passionate advocate for modernising the eligibility criteria for vehicles allowed for recreational registration and this is something that Jeff Bourman MP from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has been working on in the background during this term of parliament.

With a push for these vehicles to be utilised on farms in place of quad bikes from bureaucrats, and for the side by side vehicles to be eligible for primary producer registration for use on roads, it makes no sense that there is such a hold up in allowing them to be eligible for recreational registration also.

Whether you are a hunter, fisher, camper, enjoy kayaking in some of the high countries rivers and creeks, enjoy prospecting, want to simply enjoy a day trip with your family and so on, allowing side by side vehicles to get recreational registration would give bush users a lightweight, compact, low

emission, low impact, durable and manoeuvrable option.

The Queensland government has allowed a trial, if re-elected, or indeed if I get elected, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party will keep working with the Victorian Government, no matter who is elected, to advocate for this to happen and won't give up on the possibility!”