Our membership of ATV, SSV and other Off Road Vehicle enthusiasts, co-ordinate with industry to present our wishes to organisations and various levels of government, achieving greater riding location access in all states of Australia.

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AORVA Member Benefits

Individual, group and Club ability to contribute to a more positive future for recreational ORV use. AORVA aims and objectives are based on what ORV operators want. Each member voice contributes to AORVA direction and increases our lobbying strength.

AORVA Code of Conduct use and access privileges.

Access to AORVA current recreational ride/drive national locations map.

AORVA e-mail News and Event Calendar updates.

Connections through AORVA network and information base of ORV operations, manufacturers and service industry.

ORV Insurance (Coming soon).

AORVA Membership Fees

All AORVA memberships Free until 31 December 2024

AORVA member fees contribute to lobbying governments in order to improve land access, safety initiatives and promoting ATV & SSV recreation throughout Australasia.

Free until 31/12/2024

Individual Members must be of a legal riding or driving age in their respective State and hold a current Motorcycle or Vehicle Drivers license.

Free until 31/12/2024

Family Membership includes all immediate family members who are of a legal riding or driving age in their respective State that hold a current Motorcycle or Vehicle Drivers license.

Free until 31/12/2024

Commercial Membership applies to all commercial operations not limited to Training Service Providers, Tour Operators, Aftermarket Suppliers etc. Membership includes AORVA website listing.

Free until 31/12/2024

Club Membership includes AORVA website listing.

Free until 31/12/2024

Dealership Membership automatically applies to a Dealership which operates under the banner of any AORVA Sponsoring Manufacturer and includes AORVA website listing. Membership fees for other Dealerships POA.

Price on application

Manufacturer Membership involves Negotiated AORVA Sponsorship decided at the Board level.