who is aorva?

who is aorva?

who is aorva?

The Australasian Off Road Vehicle Association is a not for profit association that forms a consolidated body for ATV and SSV users working for a healthy future for our chosen recreation.

Our membership of ATV, SSV and other Off Road Vehicle enthusiasts co-ordinate with industry to present our wishes to organisations and various levels of Government to achieve greater riding location access in all states of Australia.



Improve Australian Legislation

To grow AORVA membership and approach Government to be recognised as the ATV and SSV users official representative.

To achieve a nationally consistent ORV registration model.

To negotiate land use agreements for ORV recreation.

Increase Safety awareness

To foster and promote more structured and better managed recreational ORV use in Australia.

To develop and promote ORV safety and training.

To bolster recreational ORV safety awareness and training.

Foster our Community

To improve accessibility and communicate existing legal riding / driving locations to members.

To connect ORV users, Clubs, Tourism, Manufacturers, Dealerships, Aftermarket and ORV Service Industry, and to represent our common goals at all levels of Government.

To foster growth and strengthen member and client numbers in existing ORV Clubs, Events, Holiday and Tourist Operations.

What’s an Off road vehicle (ORV)

Off Road Vehicles (ORV) encompasses all machines primarily designed for off road use in the categories of ATV, SSV, Trikes, 6 wheelers and more.

What’s an All terrain vehicle (ATV)

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are generally 4 wheel ‘motorbikes’ primarily designed for off road work and recreation. Sometimes referred to as ‘Quads’, they have motorcycle style handle bars and most have a seat for one operator. Designed two seater models have provisions for the passenger to sit behind the rider / operator.

What’s a side by side vehicle (SSV)

Side by Side Vehicles (SSV) are sometimes referred to as SxS or UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) all of which often receiving the affectionate term ‘Buggies’. These vehicles have multiple seats ‘side by side’, a steering wheel, over head cage structure and occupant seat belts.

100+ Locations

Across Australia
Australian map

An impressive network of off-road trails and recreational areas for responsible ORV users to discover the great outdoors.


To promote safe and responsible ORV use and unify product users to collaborate with local and state agencies to gain fair access for ORV recreation.


Aorva values

Individual and family recreation with positive social experiences.

Aorva values

Outdoor recreation that fosters a responsible way of life.

Aorva values

Recreation that repairs personal stress and improves the ‘work/life’ balance.

Aorva values

Healthy outdoor physical activity for a diverse range of people’s interests, physical abilities and ages.

Aorva values

Recreation that appreciates and respects Australia’s unique natural environment.