AORVA Update


Thank you to our AORVA Members who wrote in to the ACCC Quad Bike safety enquiry consultation rounds.  We had a very positive influence contributing to many of the outcomes, but unfortunately, the ATV roll bar concept will still be applied to “general purpose”/utility ATV sold after 10 October 2021 due to other Political pressures.  AORVA submitted to all 3 consultation rounds, wrote separately to the Government on multiple occasions and personally met with the previous Minister Stuart Robert to support ATV’s.

AORVA will stay close to this matter up to the announced implementation dates in the hope that good sense will rise to see a correction for some of these decisions.  If you still care to write to Minister Sukkar to express your views on Quad Bikes and Rollbars, please do so

Your AORVA Team continues our strong drive for ORV State forest access by Conditional Registration.  Our efforts are progressing best in Queensland and Victoria, and we hope to have positive announcements in the not too distant future.

Please continue to introduce your friends to AORVA, and ask them to sign up.  It’s free, and every member helps boost our political lobbying strength.

In the meantime, AORVA would like you to enjoy the lead up to the festive season and keep up our excellent safety record in ORV recreation.  Remember;

  • Always wear a helmet,
  • Keep children off adult sized ATV’s,
  • No two up operation on single seat ATV’s,
  • and never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.