2020 has been a tough year for everyone with some businesses and lives finding it more difficult than others. Bushfires, Floods, Covid-19 and Lockdowns. The focus for Government departments has understandably been centred on addressing the Coronavirus global pandemic, and AORVA’s Government lobbying efforts have taken a back seat for most of their year. Add to that, the majority of group outdoor recreational events have had to be cancelled in 2020.


One up side is that the whole world has realised that family, community and work life balance is super important.


These Covid times do shine a different light on AORVA’s Government lobbying efforts, and it’s a good one. Governments are more understanding that healthy outdoor recreation is increasingly important. Local and Domestic Tourism is also our only immediate future for the Tourism sector. AORVA’s requests for fair and reasonable access to Public Land (like State Forests) is an even better fit than it was before.

We have recently restoked the Government boiler and 2021 will start off full steam ahead. Please continue to introduce your friends to AORVA, and ask them to sign up. It’s free to join, and every member helps boost our political lobbying strength.


In the meantime, AORVA wishes you a great festive season with family and friends, and encourages you all to get outside and safely enjoy your ORV.

  • Always wear a helmet,
  • Keep children off adult sized ATV’s,
  • No two up operation on single seat ATV’s,
  • And never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Festive Season Best Wishes from the AORVA Team.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year