AORVA Update


A bit of an update as we near the end of a weird 2021.

On October 11, “Section 15(c) of the Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019” came into act and all-new “General Purpose/Utility” ATV must be sold fitted with an OPD at point of sale (Operator Protection Device, or Roll Bar).  It still baffles us that the Federal Government can mandate a so-called safety product without detailing a safety standard (that’s a long story we won’t go into now).

The result for us Recreational ATV users is that ‘Sport and Rec’ model ATV’s do not need to have an OPD fitted, but the harsh reality is that because Australia’s vast majority of ATV sales are Agricultural, most of the big manufacturers have no choice but to not import any ATV models.  Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and the ACCC knew this but chose to proceed and effectively ban ATV in Australia.  AORVA are still advising to change the OPD requirement in this new law that does not apply anywhere else in the world.  If you care to write to Treasury and respectfully explain how this new law negatively affects you, please do so

AORVA continues our strong drive for ORV State forest access by Conditional Registration.  Our efforts are progressing best in Queensland after our successful SxS Forest Trials finish in 2019.  This is going ahead, albeit at a painfully slow Government pace.  We hope to have positive announcements very early in 2022.  

Please continue to introduce your friends to AORVA, and ask them to sign up.  It’s free, and every member helps boost our political lobbying strength.

In the meantime, AORVA would like you to enjoy the lead-up to the festive season and keep up our excellent safety record in ORV recreation.  Remember;

  • Always wear a helmet,
  • Keep children off adult-sized ATV’s,
  • No two-up operation on single-seat ATV’s,
  • Always wear seat belts in SxS,
  • and never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The AORVA Team.