Assistant Treasurer Sukkar announces new Quad Bike Laws


The Assistant Treasurer, Michael Sukkar has announced some new laws coming into effect for General Use / Utility model Quad Bikes.

These new laws are not aimed at Organised Sport and Recreation where we display a more engaged safety attitude (one stand out evidence of this is the close to 100% helmet use we see in Recreation compared to approximately 10% helmet compliance in and around Farming Sector use).

“This safety standard aims to address the high risk of rollovers, which is especially important for many of our farmers and their families who use these vehicles daily,” Mr Sukkar said.

“Within 12 months, all new quad bikes will be required to:

  • have a warning label alerting riders to the risk of roll over
  • meet US or European standards (performance of components like brakes, suspension, throttle and clutch)
  • test for stability and display the result on a hang tag attached to the bike at point of sale.

Within 24 months, all new general use model (utility) quad bikes will be required to:

  • be fitted with, or have integrated into the design an operator protection device (rollbar)
  • meet minimum stability requirements”

As we know, Side by Side’s, ROPS canopies, seat belts and helmets are a great safety combination.

Quad Bikes and ‘rollbars’ are not.

AORVA fears that ‘rollbars’ on Quad Bikes are not a bolt on replacement for good safety conscious attitudes.  Combined with a poor or complacent attitude to safety, a ‘rollbar’ may cause more injury than it prevents.

AORVA says, all of the Quad Bike manufacturers safety recommendations are important.  To emphasis a top few;

  • Always wear a helmet,
  • Keep children off adult sized ATV’s,
  • No two up operation on single seat ATV’s,
  • and never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Fitting a ‘Rollbar’ to an ATV does not feature in the above list. 

Thanks to our AORVA members for their superior safety approach to Quad Bike use in recreation, it makes a difference, and while the ‘rollbars’ are not aimed at us, good recreation safety-conscious attitudes mean that for now at least, current Sport and Recreation model ATV’s are not listed in the new laws.

These laws will, however, still have a great effect on the ATV industry offerings. Beyond October 2021… we are not sure what model ATV’s will still be available in Australia.

If you care to write to Minister Sukkar to express your views on Quad Bikes and Rollbars, please do so