AORVA SXS MUSTER fun at Bylong Creek!


Thank you to those 80 plus AORVA members who attended AORVA’s first SxS Muster at Bylong Creek to make it a great success on the weekend.

The infamous NSW drought meant dusty conditions but fortunately, Bylong Creek 4x4 Park offers so much land area and track variety, that it was easy for everyone to spread out and find their own adventures in clear air.

Sometimes the Top Camp was completely vacant. You knew that all the machines were running around out there, but there were moments of complete silence only broken by the faint rap of an engine somewhere off in the distance. 5 minutes later a family of smiles would come trundling back into camp to fuel up and go again.

It was also good to see so many new SxS turn up, using their Free Ride Park Passes from our Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am supporting manufacturer new vehicle promotions.

Bruce and Suzy cooked up a great Saturday night dinner and the off-road fun continued all weekend.

See you at Loveday in South Australia for the next SXS MUSTER, Sept 8-9.